POTD: Gas! Gas! Gas!

POTD: Gas! Gas! Gas!


Today’s Photo Of The Day is from Norway.

The Norwegian Home Guard (in Norwegian “Heimevernet” or just “HV” for short) works as a rapid mobilization force in the Norwegian military.

It was founded in1946 and has land, sea and air defense units, with volunteers and conscript personnel with backgrounds from all branches.

The Norwegian Armed Forces are using the Heckler & Koch, versions like the HK416N, HK416K and the HK416S which is a specialized DMR version of HK416N, modified in Norway.

There are about 40 000 Heckler & Koch 416 in Norway. They also have the M320 Grenade Launcher Module, as pictured below.

I think they are using Aimpoint – CompM4.

The Norwegian Home Guard’s main focus is local defense and civil support, but they can also volunteer for international operations.

All photos from the Norwegian National Guard (Heimevernet).

Have you ever tried shooting with a gas mask? How did it go?


via The Firearm Blog http://ift.tt/ywCWoj

November 24, 2017 at 01:13PM


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