Salt, Salt and More Salt

Salt, Salt and More Salt

What is one food item all modern societies share?  At one time it was more valuable than gold.  There is even an old saying a mans worth is equal to the item.  It can be used to preserve meat.

The thing in question is salt.

Salt never expires, helps your body regulate certain functions, and can be stockpiled for cheap.  Whether you are cooking a stew, making jerky or salted pork, the recipe calls for salt.

If you want to save a few cents, stockpile some salt that does not have iodide added to it.  Use the iodide salt for cooking, and the non-iodide salt for stuff like salted fish, salted pork, or jerky.

Iodide helps regulate the thyroid and helps prevent goitre, which is swelling of the thyroid.  Due to the health benefits, salt is an excellent bartering item.  Unlike bartering for weapons or ammo, salt can not be used against you.

On a personal note, I have several pounds of salt stored at the hunting camp.  The containers have been there for decades; bugs will never get into the salt, and it will never spoil.  Year after year my family has used salt from the same container.  In almost a decade we used around a pound of it.  Waiting in reserve are several more pounds that have never been opened.

Another cool thing about salt is it can bought in bulk.  Do you want one pound, 25 pounds, or more?  Want something special, there is the Himalayan pink salt. I buy the Himalayan pink salt with a built in grinder that is used for cooking. Pink salt is supposed to contain more minerals that regular white salt. I do not know if that is true, but that is what some companies claim.

Salt is one the often overlooked prepping items, which is a shame.  It serves so many purposes and can be good for the body.

So preppers, how much salt do you have stockpiled?

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