Zeiss V6 throw lever

Zeiss V6 throw lever


Zeiss V6 throw lever

Zeiss have released a throwlever for their Zeiss Conquest V6 series.

A throwlever will help you to change the zoom during hunting or competition, and makes it easier to grab the zoom ring on your scope, even with your gloves on.

The part number is 2224-899. Unfortunately there is no price mentioned, and if and when this will be available in the USA.

Below: The new Zeiss throwlever on a Conquest V6. Pretty nice scope, but needs more reticles to chose from, please.

Swarovski has similar offerings for some of their Z-series, and it’s nice to see more manufacturers take on these accessories.

As an alternative, you can use Throwlevers.com  They also have a version for the Zeiss V6, for €25 plus €2.5 flat shipping.

They also have other offerings, for the new Vortex PST II for instance. I’m pretty sure they will take on special editions if you have an unusual scope or something new that’s not already on the list.


via The Firearm Blog http://ift.tt/ywCWoj

November 27, 2017 at 05:30AM


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