Hornady Improves Dangerous Game Hunting with DGX Bonded

Hornady Improves Dangerous Game Hunting with DGX Bonded


Hornady Improves Dangerous Game Hunting with DGX Bonded

DGX Bonded

Hornady has upped the ante of their Dangerous Game™ eXpanding (DGX) bullet by making the DGX Bonded. By making the DGX bullet with a copper-clad, steel jacket that is bonded to the lead core you get significantly improved performance on large game.

  • 95% Weight Retention
  • Deep Penetration
  • 2x Bullet Diameter Expansion

Dave Emery, Hornady’s Chief Ballistician, explains what went into the development of the DGX Bonded bullet:

The DGX Bonded line of bullets is just a continuing improvement of our product line in dangerous game. We decided to make these bullets bonded because it just guarantees the integrity of the bullet. At this point in time we consider this the ultimate culmination of a dangerous-game, expanding, heavy-duty projectile.


The DGX Bonded bullet is available from a .375 Caliber 300 Grain up to a .50 Caliber 570 Grain as component bullets or in loaded ammunition. The bullet selection you get to choose from in either raw bullets or loaded ammunition is as such:

  • .375 Caliber | 0.375″ | 300 Grain | B.C. 0.275 (G1)
  • .400 Caliber | 0.410″ | 400 Grain | B.C. 0.325 (G1)
  • .416 Caliber | 0.416″ | 400 Grain | B.C. 0.319 (G1)
  • .423 Caliber | 0.423″ | 400 Grain | B.C. 0.315 (G1)
  • .450 Caliber | 0.458″ | 480 Grain | B.C. 0.285 (G1)
  • .450 Caliber | 0.458″ | 500 Grain | B.C. 0.295 (G1)
  • .470 Caliber | 0.474″ | 500 Grain | B.C. 0.290 (G1)
  • .500 Caliber | 0.510″ | 570 Grain | B.C. 0.295 (G1)

Steve Hornady, President of Hornady, elaborated even further on the DGX Bonded bullets:

The vast majority of hunters aspire to go to Africa… its a dream hunt… and for that large group that get to go once… one time… and they get to go for dangerous game, they want to know that that cartridge that they are going to take is going to deliver, and that ultimately is our reputation. Its accurate, its deadly and that’s what our DGX is designed to do.

The pricing for all of the new bullets Hornady offers along with the loaded ammunition is extremely variable based upon the caliber and grain weight you are looking to get. It is best to check the Hornady website for what you may specifically be looking for or to check your local gun store for availability.


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November 28, 2017 at 04:20PM


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