Mossberg 500 Tacticals for Polish Prison Service

Mossberg 500 Tacticals for Polish Prison Service

Mossberg 500 Tacticals for Polish Prison Service

Members of the Polish Prison Services’ Intervention Group (GISW) (Służba Więzienna)

Poland’s Prison Service, Służba Więzienna, are set to purchase 500 Mossberg shotguns. The contract was announced 21 November and will see the Służba Więzienna receive new Mosberg 500 shotguns.

Poland’s Central Board of the Prison Service purchased the shotguns through CENZIN – Poland’s longest established trading company specialising in the importation of international arms and equipment. The contract is estimated to be worth 1,089,000 PLN – roughly $307,000.

It appears that the Służba Więzienna are interested in breaching shotguns as the award notice states the contract is for 500 “Mossberg Flex 500 Tactical Cruiser 12/76 caliber or equivalent”. This suggests that several types of 500, chambered in 3″/76mm 12 gauge, may be supplied including the 500 – ATI Tactical, or the pistol grip only FLEX 500 Tactical or the 500/590 Cruiser. It doesn’t state what magazine capacity the new shotguns will havebut the Służba Więzienna have purchased 8-shot 500s in the past.

Members of the Służba Więzienna with what appear to be 8-shot 500 Tacticals during a demonstration at the 2017 SECURITECH conference (Służba Więzienna)

The Polish Prison Service are a uniformed and armed wing of Poland’s Ministry of Justice, responsible for the running and guarding of prison. Some of their officers are extremely well armed with their tactical response teams, such as the Prison Service Intervention Group (GISW) armed with an array pistols, rifles and submachine guns including the PM-84/PM-06, MP5 and various AKs and Beryls. It is likely that the new Mossbergs are destined for the GISW.


via The Firearm Blog

November 29, 2017 at 09:00AM


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