The Best Budget Wallets

The Best Budget Wallets

I spent the majority of my 20’s wrapping my credit cards and dollar bills in a rubber band. I simply couldn’t handle the bulk of a wallet. Thankfully, there are now a number of designers who make low-profile wallets for minimalists who abhor the back pocket bulge. We searched the depths of the internet and found several highly rated slim wallets that will help you streamline your life. Or at the very least, they’ll fit in your skinny jeans.

Dash Co Slim 2.0 ($22)

(Courtesy Dash)

Dash makes a number of minimalist wallets built for your front pocket, but their Dash Slim 2.0 has been redesigned for durability, with a leather front and better-grade elastic. It holds up to 10 cards and cash folded in thirds.

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Nomatic BASICS Wallet ($20)

(Courtesy Nomatic)

This might be the most minimalist wallet on the list, but this feather-weight elastic wallet still has room for 15 cards and a cool pull tab for easy access. There’s also a built-in pocket for cash or a key.

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Machine Era Stainless ($38)

(Courtesy Machine Era)

Machine Era is known for their ultra-slim titanium wallets, but they also make a version in stainless steel which cuts the price almost in half, while delivering the same RFID protection and bottle-opening capabilities.

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Recycled Firefighter Sergeant ($30)

(Courtesy Recycled Firefighter)

Recycled fire hose was repurposed into this front pocket wallet with room for up to eight cards and an elastic money clip. Made by a real firefighter, too.

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Herschel Supply Felix ($19)

(Courtesy Herschel Supply Co)

Herschel Supply’s Felix retains a bit of that old school OP Velcro wallet sensibility, but in updated card sleeve form. It’s simple and compact with just enough room for the essentials.

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via Outside Magazine

November 30, 2017 at 04:25PM


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