C&Rsenal Creates 2nd Excellent WWI Firearms Poster, Hits Crowdfunding Goal

C&Rsenal Creates 2nd Excellent WWI Firearms Poster, Hits Crowdfunding Goal


C&Rsenal Creates 2nd Excellent WWI Firearms Poster, Hits Crowdfunding Goal

Fundraising Poster available from C&Rsenal

Every year, the historical firearms reviewing wizards at C&Rsenal create a high quality educational firearms poster. [Note: This fund-raiser expires on Wednesday, December 6th 2017]. This is the 4th-such poster produced by C&Rsenal, two having been done for the WWII era, and now two for the WWI era. If you ask me, they keep getting better.

They do this as a fundraiser, and according ringleader Othias McCarthy, expenses include things like machine gun repair, fabricating rare clips and magazines, travel, and firearms acquisition. Their current documentary series is now neck-deep in World War I, and the advanced nature of their research has required increasingly greater resources.

As of this writing, the fundraiser has made 292% of goal raising nearly $15,000 from a goal of $5,000. This is great news for anyone who likes guns, history, high-quality research, and nice folks.

The poster (shown at the top of this post) is 24×36″ and showcases World War I revolvers, appropriately titled “Service Revolvers of the Great War”. There are some interesting design elements to the poster. First, it’s illustrated in a way that is both period-themed and academic. Each firearm is captioned below, but I’m particularly fond of the nationality-themed logos tastefully residing behind each firearm. The revolvers seen in the poster are those discussed in “Premier: Small Arms History Series“, C&Rsenal’s documentary web series which are routinely seen in the 20-40 minute range. That’s a lot of research.


Service Rifles of the Great War


Othias is careful to remind participants that the sale is a pre-order based and while orders won’t ship right away, they will arrive by Christmas 2017. For those interested, last year’s poster “Service Rifles of the Great War” is also available, offered in a portrait-oriented 36×24″

One thing we should point out – if you have any familiarity at all with C&Rsenal’s YouTube channel or website, you know that their skills in photography are practically unparalleled. And candidly, I have seen a high-res proof copy of the current poster, and it’s wonderful. Just wonderful.

A typical example of C&Rsenal-quality photography. Photo: C&Rsenal, Source


via The Firearm Blog http://ift.tt/ywCWoj

December 1, 2017 at 07:47AM


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