Garmont Miguasha Boot

Garmont Miguasha Boot

Gearflogger reviews the Garmont Miguasha boot

Sometimes it seems frustratingly difficult to find good footwear with an understated design that you just know will age well. Garmont is a reliable source, focusing on footwear and saving the splashy colors for their winter boots where it provides a nice respite from that season’s whites and grays. In the hiking and travel categories they have a great selection of boots that use color sparingly for accent, and the result is a broad selection of great-looking boots where the chief attraction is a clean design.

The Miguasha is available in mid and low cut, waterproof and not, and men’s and women’s versions. We tested the mid waterproof women’s Miguasha Nubuck GTX, categorized by Garmont as an Active Travel boot but suitable for anything resembling light hiking duty.

The first thing you notice is that the boot is just damn good looking, no two ways about it. It’s not all hat and no cattle though; the Miguasha’s Vibram sole, light weight and narrow cut that make it a nimble and effortless performer on trail and for light scrambling duty. Need one boot for business casual occasions but also capable of putting in some mileage on dirt? Check and check, the Miguasha does both with aplomb. The Gore-Tex waterproof liner will handle submersion with no problems, and the low volume footbox does an admirable job of locking down the heel for a sneaker-like feel.

After a few months of use in varied conditions our tester appreciated the flexibility of the boot. It’s comfort won her over, and it’s good looks didn’t hurt either. The Miguasha shines as a three-season boot pulling double duty both as a daily driver and as an offroad enthusiast. If you’re looking for comfortable versatility that’s easy on the eyes, The Miguasha could be your boot.

$200.00 at Garmont


via GearFlogger

December 1, 2017 at 04:21PM


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