Heckler & Koch listens to you – Feedback & Survey

Heckler & Koch listens to you – Feedback & Survey


Heckler & Koch listens to you – Feedback & Survey

Everyone who ever said Heckler & Koch don’t listen now have their chance. Now’s the time to speak up, or forever be silent.

Obviously there’s no guarantee they’ll listen, but at least you have a possibility to give HK some sensible answers to their questions.

Questions like the ones below:

What features are “mission critical” on a modern handgun design? What are optional?

What would make you trade in or turn your current pistol into a safe queen?

What is your need for modularity in a handgun? What features do you want modular?

What sights would you like to see on a stock weapon? What features draw you to those sights?

What size(s) are recommended for the American civilian market? What magazine capacities to match?

What type of modifications if any do you preform to your handgun?

What price point at retail would make the handgun accessible and desirable for the mass market and not just enthusiasts?

As you can see, the feedback is focused on pistols but I think there are some great questions and it would be interesting to see your answers.

I’m sure a lot of our readers would like to see another survey focused on rifles, but I can already now see the answers go wild. However, there is a small possible opening there from HK with the optional “We would like to send you more surveys. Please provide you email address.

And the HK SP5K is technically a pistol in the USA.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist:



From Facebook, Heckler & Koch seem to have some sense of humor after all:



If you want to check or take part in the Heckler & Koch Feedback and Feature the link is here.

Note: This is an external link and has nothing to do with The Firearm Blog.

Or just go ahead in the comments section below, but there’s no guarantee they’ll read it there.


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December 5, 2017 at 10:09AM


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