The B&T Industries BT62 “Determinator”

The B&T Industries BT62 “Determinator”

The B&T Industries BT62 “Determinator”

B&T Industries, you know the American company not the Swiss B&T, has a new low-tech product to show off your high-tech shooting gear.

BT62 Determinator“, sounds like the latest movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger – but it’s a laser cut piece of clear acrylic which measures groups within 1.5” diameter. As we never shoot larger groups, there’s no need for a larger overlay…

Should you need a larger overlay, decrease the distance for success.

If you shoot too many sub-MOA groups, increase the distance and/or increase the amount of rounds that go into the grouping.

To top this overlay B&T Industries attached a glow-in-the-dark cord so it’s easier to handle.

BT62 – Determinator

The Determinator measures groups within a 1.5” diameter. Measurements are laser cut into acrylic with a glow-in-the-dark cord attached.

Shoot three to five shots. Lay Determinator over shot group. Adjust until one of the circles cross the center of the two outer most holes. Read measurement on that circle to determine group size.

You can find more information and order the BT62 Determinator here.

If 7,95 USD is to expensive, you can get their US Sniper business calling card instead, you get 20 for 5 USD.



via The Firearm Blog

December 5, 2017 at 01:12PM


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