Hornady Expands Match, Superformance Match Lines

Hornady Expands Match, Superformance Match Lines


Hornady Expands Match, Superformance Match Lines

Hornady ammo

Hornady Manufacturing Company rolled out a number of new loads in recent months. Several of those belong to the Match and Superformance Match lines.


Hornady added three new loads to the Match line. The first load is a 300 Norma Magnum cartridge that uses a 225 grain ELD Match bullet. Hornady has not yet released velocity information on this load.

The second Match load is a 300 Win Mag cartridge that also uses an ELD Match bullet. This 195 grain projectile is moving at 2,930 fps at the muzzle. The final load is the 6.5 PRC load that you can read about in Adam’s article here.

Superformance Match

Superformance Match

As the name “Superformance” tends to suggest, the loads in this line are clocking in at faster velocities than other loads in the Hornady catalog for the same cartridges. According to the company, these loads generate about 100 – 200 additional feet per second in velocity.

For the new year, Hornady added two new loads in this line: a 73 grain .223 Remington load and a 73 grain 5.56 NATO load. While many people shoot .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO from the same guns, there are differences between the two cartridges, and Hornady built a unique load for each.

The .223 Rem load is making 2,930 fps at the muzzle and has a 7.3″ drop at 300 yards. Alternatively, the 5.56 NATO load is moving at a slightly slower 2,910 fps with a 300 yard drop of 7.5″. Both loads use an ELD Match bullet.


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December 7, 2017 at 03:11AM


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