Ruger THUMPS with their No. 1 Sporter Now Chambered in .450 Marlin

Ruger THUMPS with their No. 1 Sporter Now Chambered in .450 Marlin

Ruger THUMPS with their No. 1 Sporter Now Chambered in .450 Marlin

.450 Marlin

Ruger no longer has the expansive caliber selection they used to in their No. 1 line-up of single-shot rifles, but they are not letting this model go away permanently either. Ruger recently announced they are chambering their Sporter model in .450 Marlin for those who love a caliber that thumps!

Ruger had these comments to say about the new caliber introduction:

No.1 Sporter in .450 Marlin: The classic No.1 Sporter is now chambered in the powerful .450 Marlin cartridge. A short 20″ barrel mated to the short, single-shot No.1 action combine to make a quick-handling rifle that is easy to carry.

.450 MarlinLike all of the Ruger No. 1 single-shot rifles, it has a host of features tailored to not only hunters, but shooters as well.

  • Strong, Simple, Compact Falling-Block Breech Mechanism w/ Artillery-Style Breechblock & Under-Lever is ideally suited to Today’s Powerful Cartridges
  • Sliding Tang Safety provides instant Security, Visibility & Accessibility
  • Robust & Sturdy, Sculptured Receiver forms a Rigid Support for Barrel, Stock & Sliding Breech Block
  • Patented Ruger Scope Mounting System w/ Quarter-Rib Integral Scope Bases that never shoot loose & accommodate Ruger Scope Rings (Included FREE w/ each Rifle)
  • Ejector Mechanism provides Maximum Leverage at the point where the Ejector engages the Cartridge Case & can be adjusted to provide Extraction only
  • Sporting-Style Recoil Pad, Grip Cap & Sling Swivel Studs

The MSRP of this variation of the No. 1 retails for $1,499. This model can be viewed on Ruger’s website if it trips your trigger and the complete specification sheet can be read below.

.450 Marlin


via The Firearm Blog

December 7, 2017 at 05:24AM


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